Characteristics of brown aluminum oxide

Brown Aluminum Oxide is a high -quality abrasive. its main component is Al2O3 .

Brown Aluminum Oxide has many characteristics.

First we talk about its properties

1.High hardness

The Mohs hardness of brown aluminum oxide is about 9.0 ,which makes it as very wear -resistant and suitable for manufacturing industrial materials and grinding materials.

2.Good toughness

Toughness of brown aluminum oxide is higher than white aluminum oxide,can reach more than 2000MPA,Which makes it durable and can withstand a lot of pressure and weight and popularly  be used in manufacturing industrial components, bearings and cutting tools.

3.Good chemical inertness

Brown Aluminum oxide has a good chemical inertness. It will not be eroded by various chemicals such as water, acid, and alkali, so it is very suitable for manufacturing chemical equipment, furnaces and refractory materials.

4.Good thermal stability

Brown Aluminum oxide has good thermal stability and can be used for a long time at high temperature without deformation or cracks. Therefore, it is very suitable for making high -temperature stoves, thermal treatment equipment and melting containers.

Now we talk about the advantages of brown aluminum oxide

  1. High efficiency: Generally speaking, the efficiency of brown aluminum oxideis related to its particle size. When the particles are small, the particle speed in the airflow becomes faster. And the shape has sharp edges and corners, hitting the surface of the object to the surface of the operating object during fast operation, thereby achieving the purpose of sandblasting or grinding.
  2. Low loss: The low loss in the characteristics of the brown aluminum oxide refers to the less amount of product consumed when dealing with a piece of object, which is to reduce the loss of the abrasive. Here The dosage of the impact object is compared, and it is found that it is relatively smaller.
  3. Small dust: The abrasive will produce dust during the spraying stage during the sand spray grinding, and the proportion of brown aluminum oxideis relatively high than other abrasives, so there is less dust during using, which can not only improve the operation of operation Work efficiency of staff. It can also decrease the amount of dust that the operator may inhale, thereby increasing the operator’s physical health index.
  4. High surface treatment quality: When sandblasting, the brown aluminum oxidecan quickly enter the uneven part of the surface to be treated by the sandblasting machine, remove the pollutants on the surface of the workpiece, not only to remove rust, but also remove water -soluble salt categories Pollutants such as substances. The surface of the workpiece that has been treated with brown aluminum oxideis very clean, and there are no embedded objects in the uneven and seams.
  5. Recycling: This is a very important point in the characteristics of brown aluminum oxide. Generally speaking, the number of repeated times can reach about ten times, and even if the reuse is not effective, it can be recovered in the construction industry as a cement adding material, that is environmental protection and alsocan reduce the production cost of users.

PS:Brown aluminum oxide is also called brown fused alumina,brown corundum,brown electrocorundum,brown alumina oxide,brown fused aluminum oxide ,emery sand etc

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