Advantages of brown fused alumina on surface treatment

Advantages of brown fused alumina on surface treatment

As a high -quality abrasive material, Brown Fused Alumina shows excellent performance and extensive application in the field of surface treatment. Its unique features make it the first choice for surface treatment in many industries.

Firstly, brown fused alumina has excellent hardness and abrasion resistance,which makes it an ideal abrasive material to effectively remove surface dirt, oxidation layer, scratches, etc. Whether it is metal, ceramics or glass, brown fused alumina can provide efficient grinding and polishing effects, and makes surface restore to smoothness and smoothness.

Secondly, brown fused alumina has good thermal performance and chemical stability which allows it to maintain high hardness and stability in high temperature environments, suitable for various thermal treatment and preparation of refractory materials. For scenarios that need to withstand high temperature, high pressure and chemical reactions, such as metallurgical industry and refractory materials manufacturing, brown fused alumina can provide reliable surface treatment effects, and protect materials from corrosion and damage.

In addition, the shape and size of the brown fused alumina can be adjusted according to different needs. From rough to delicate sizes it can meet various surface treatment requirements. For the surface that needs to be cleaned and grinded, the thicker sizes can quickly remove dirt and irregular areas, and more fine sizes can perform more fine polishing and smooth treatment.

In addition, brown fused alumina also has excellent pressure resistance and impact resistance which is widely used it in mold manufacturing and repair. For molds that need to withstand high -pressure and complex impacts, brown fused alumina can provide solid surface treatment and enhance the durability and service life of the mold.

Finally, the re -utilization of brown fused alumina is also one of its advantages. After using, the brown fused alumina can still be recovered and reused.

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